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Food is Love

Food Is Love

Are you a 25 year old human being at work thinking about food in the middle of an important meeting?
Are you a 40 year old man wishing and hoping that the food at home will be better than yesterday’s bhindi? Are you a person who thinks about food in the most inappropriate of times? Is food on your mind 95% of the time?

Then you, my friend, are in love with food. And that’s THE best kind of love.

Home-made food is your first love ever. You met it when you were kids. Sometimes you hated it but sometimes you loved it too. Your mom scolded you when you brought it back home after school. It is loved by all your friends. You even take pride in the fact that it is loved by all. When it doesn’t come to school with you, your friends ask about it. You missed it too.

But then you reach high school. You are growing into your own person. Your ideals don’t meet, you are not on the same page, your interest shifts and you start finding different foods on the outside. You take a break for a while, take the decision to move on, see other people and then you explore all other kinds of cuisines like Chinese, Oriental, Thai, Junk food. Your mom asks about your first love a lot. Because your mom knows she was good for you but you are an independent person and free to do as you please. Alas, sometimes, when no one’s around and you have some quiet and peace, you miss it but too afraid to let anyone know.

One day, when you are all grown up and busy and hustling and the breakup is just a distant memory, you see it, in your office. Your dormant feelings come alight. You start feeling the same butterflies in your stomach. You hear violins playing in the background and you hope to God that you look good because it looks beautiful. You take the first step, you move towards it and it smiles, that’s how you know you are forgiven and everything is going to be alright! You cherish it now, you understand its value and you know why your mom thought that it was good for you. You just have to take a look at it and you know you are home. You are where you are supposed to be. Nothing else makes you feel at home like it.

You settle down with it. At times, it drives you crazy but you remember the feeling of homesickness after the breakup, so you smile and move on. You understand its worth, you never take it for granted, and you plan to stay with it forever. You do stay with it forever, you are happy and then one fine day you remember your mother’s saying “Ghar ke khaane ki baat hi kuch aur hai”!

And they live happily ever after.

Here you have it guys, the most emotional and perfect love story.

The love story of a human being and food.

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